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Meet the wannabe Time Travel author Graham King

One of the sections of this blog is about meeting the time travel authors, you will find it at the end of this link >>> Meet the Time Travel authors

Now here I am asking all these other authors questions, so you the reader can find out a little bit more about them. But I haven't answered the questions myself. So here goes.

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How and why did I get into writing?


I think, we all think we have a story inside us, don't we? For me it is to improve my writing skills, as I struggle to put thought to print. Which in itself can be frustrating, you could well have some of the most fascinating thoughts and ideas, but it is no good if no one else can understand them. So this is a self improvement for myself, It will, I hope make me a better person, which will help for work, my own esteem and who knows if folks can understand what I am thinking when I write it down, I may even make some money from it.


This is not my first blog, my previous and most successful to date was a blog about election results in the UK. I enjoyed watching re runs of UK General Elections and had not long joined twitter, My wife thought it was one of my funny quirks, and I just thought it was just me who must be interested. It is not the politics but the actual results and analysis I enjoy. I describe it like watching the Eurovision song contest, I don't care to much for the songs but enjoy the scoring at the end.

Well it seems some 12,500 followers on Twitter enjoyed it as well, when I used to get random information from the opinion polls and list results you didn't readily have announced. It earned me a grand in May 2015 and I thought "This is it Rodders, this time next year we will be millionaires" (only any good if you have watched "Only Fools & Horses"). But it was just me doing the collating of the info, and what became a few bits of information when I had some spare time became 40 hours with no sleep at the General Election.

My wife would have divorced me, and others with more resources and time did it better. So although I can look back fondly on trending on Twitter and having prominent followers from parliament and news broadcasters, it has led to this idea. So lets see where this will lead.

What or Whom has inspired you?

Well, what I have just written about above has been my inspiration, as it showed it was possible to find other like minded folks who shared your passion. It is fun to build the blog and account up which I am reliving again through this blog and account. As for any single person. It would be Matt Le Tissier "Le God" a person renowned for being the single most spectacular footballer and the laziest individual all in one game. Something which during my work life and hobby life I fight with myself. I consider myself a "put it off until tomorrow or even next week sort of guy." But of an occasion I do get those ideas which work very well.

My thoughts on Time Travel

I do believe as with anything we have not discovered as of yet, or don't quite comprehend, it is not that it isn't possible, it just maybe that we haven't discovered it as fact as of yet. The reason for this time travel blog is that I wish to thrash out the ideas. So when I get to writing my story, it is as realistic as possible. My main characters won't be entering wardrobes, telephone booths or hot tubs for that matter and find themselves in the middle of a historical event.

I will try to make it as plausible as possible, as much as you can with a subject which is currently science fantasy rather than science fact. Time travel to the future is more of a one persons perception to time compared to another. In regards of time dilation, which in itself is giving ideas of just what could somebody find themselves entering into? They travel and don't age as quickly as the earth they have left and then they return to what?

As for travelling back in time? How would you do this? Would you physically do this? If so what would be in the place of where you materialised? Would it be a sense that took you back? Would you just be able to view but not alter such as a locked word document? So many questions and this blog and the people I interact with may help formulate the answers.

Now, when these ideas, theories have been discussed and formulated I will have the flesh for the bones of the ideas I already have, I have already struck upon the idea of how to display the story, and that is in the process of being built now. So watch this space, and I can only hope you enjoy the ideas and writings with which I fill it with......

To be continued.............

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