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Thoughts from our time travel followers

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Travel through time to the other side, and witness the many dynamics of time traveling through space! Did you know that a gravitational singularity is the actual time portal? And did you know that you can measure time as though it was it's own force? In order to travel to the appropriate time period, you need to have the appropriate measuring instrument, because the singularity won't know where to drop you off. A time machine with a time measuring device would be able to control where the time riff opens on one end, and closes behind you. The gravitational singularity is needed because a portal cannot be open in two different time periods simultaneously.

Hi, I'm Julius the Jules, the professional musician and amateur theoretician with autism. Time travel has always been one of my main interests ever since I was a small child. I have had night time dreams in REM sleep where they weren't ordinary dreams, but rather real glimpses into the future.

 I have met my future-self on two different occasions. The first one was right after I had sent an email to myself, hoping by then we would have time machines, it was 8 P.M., then all of a sudden, a bunch of blue bolts of electricity were spiraling in-between me and my next door neighbor's house; I then heard my voice call out my name, but it sounded older coming out from the center of the bolt, but I never got to see him/me. The bolts went away as soon as my future-self had called out mine/his name. The second time I met him was in my REM sleep, but I was actually able to see him and exist in the same proximity. We were running from the military for something I had him do when I wrote my letter to him, which I'm not inclined to discuss at the moment.

But, because I changed my present at the time, I have created an alternate reality, which I can never return to, because the alternate past and that alternate future are no longer connected to this one.

Bio box:

Julius the Jules, is a professional musician who is also interested in time travel theories. You can listen to the scientific influence in his songs through his website -

Best regards,

Julius the Jules
Professional Musician
Broadcast Music Inc.


  1. I love the image you used! It captures my theory perfectly.

    Where did you find it?

    1. Search and you will seek, just put "time travel" into google search and then select images. I am very much a see what life throws up to you sort of person. This image as you said captured perfectly what you said. Glad we are on the same wave length.