Meet the Time Travel authors

One thing you notice more than anything on twitter, is that when you search hashtag #timetravel you will find a large proportion of people tweeting about timetravel books, which they have written or in the process of writing. Myself I fall into the latter category.

I then got to thinking what inspired these folks to write? What was their own take on time travel? As Isaac Newton pronounced he did a lot of his own great work by "Standing on the shoulder of giants" So for me to learn, you take note from those who have been there and done it, and more than likely selling you their own branded "T-shirt".

Time above all else is so precious, so I would like to thank our authors for sparing some of their own time, and sharing their thoughts with us all.

Click the link for the authors who have kindly contributed, leave a message below if you wish to share your own muses and the book which you have written or in the process of writing.

Stoney deGeyter - A Crossed Time

Joe Pranaitis - Infinite Stars:: Chronicles & Shatter Time anthology

Sherrie Brown : The Eternal Knot Series & The Dreams

Meet the wannabe Time Travel author Graham King

Leena Maria -Nephilim Quest-, Space Witches series and Mummific books


  1. I would be honored to be interviewed. Author name is S. Brown I currently have 3 books in The Eternal Knot Series (KingRoan: Time Travel, Raven: Time Travel, Samantha: Time Travel and am writing Book 4 right now. or twitter
    My website is

    1. Thank you Sherrie for your contribution. folks can find it from the list above of by following this link