Wednesday, 11 April 2018

When you are 16 you are allowed in the UK to:

  • I thought it might be interesting to see what you could or could not do dependent upon your age, as time travel concerns itself about the time you are in, but what about yourself and what you would be allowed to do or not do? Also what you would be entitled too as you get older?

  • Get married or register a civil partnership with consent
  • Drive a moped or invalid carriage
  • You can consent to sexual activity with others aged 16 and over
  • Drink wine/beer with a meal if accompanied by someone over 18
  • Get a National Insurance number
  • Join a trade union
  • Work full-time if you have left school
  • Be paid national minimum wage for 16/17 year olds
  • Join the Armed Forces with parental consent
  • Change name by deed poll
  • Leave home with or without parental consent
  • In certain circumstances you must pay for prescriptions, dental treatment and eye tests
  • Choose a GP
  • Consent to medical treatment
  • Buy premium bonds
  • Pilot a glider
  • Buy a lottery ticket
  • Register as a blood donor, but you won't be called to give blood until you're 17
  • Apply for a passport without parental consent

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