Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Religion versus the concept of time travel.

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In running this blog, I won't be asking for your money, I won't be asking for you to join my cult (I don't have one by the way) I won't ask you to follow any rules or make any sacrifices, fast at certain times of the year and I don't care if you take my name in vain. All I do ask is, if like me, you have an interest in the concept of time travel, then come share your thoughts in the comments section.

I bring this subject up due to some of the reactions I have had. Either from conversations in real life or from comments on the internet. I may as well have wrote "loon" across my forehead in biro, and run naked around the local supermarket. Yet if I declare a devotion to a supreme being and said I am now following the faith (insert religion here) and will abide by those laws and customs I would have found a sympathetic ear, even from the non believers.

Now as time travel enthusiasts go, we do have a merry band. A lot of them seem to want to promote books which they have written. A few have it as a discreet interest, but not many folks seem to want to come out of the TARDIS in regards to this.

But it is the conversation it brings up. Once you get passed the "IT DOESN'T BLOODY EXIST" attitude. You then say well "What if it did?" Surely it is a harmless hobby to theorise. What if you could go backwaed or forward in time? What would you do? What would you like to see? What would be it's consequences? Question after question, all pertaining to you being alive to enjoy the experience as well, not what happens to my soul when I die?

So if  you like discussing questions of time travel, then leave a comment. Lets make a stand against those who are quite happy to follow an imaginary friend but not discuss the possibilities of travelling through differing times.

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