Friday, 22 June 2018

How theorising about Time Travel helps fight depression

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Now please note how I have wrote in the header "helps fight depression", no mention of cures, As the two cartoons which I have found to go along with this piece explain more than any words I can write. It is no good running away, as you only take yourself with you and as explained below it is not always external factors which depress you, it can simply be yourself.

After reading the above statement you may feel even worse, well don't. To know the problem is to know how to tackle the problem. I do from time to time get depressed and I can only share with you what works for me. It may or may not work for you but if one person can gain from it, then that is one less depressed person out there.

Theorising about time travel, so how does that help? Break up and the time machine is a fantastic piece I found on my travels a person reflecting on which relationship they would go back in time to fix. But each came with it's own dilemma. This can also be the same for anything in your life you may wish to fix. If only I had done this. If I could go back and tell myself this bit of advice things coulda/woulda been different. Those life experiences though are what grow you as an individual, it helps in later life hopefully not to make the same mistake again.

If I was to go back in time, where would I go? Each option or data point would change where I am now. Happily married and as sane a life as you can ever expect in this crazy world. Even going back to my very low points and saying "Hey, I am you from the future, everything turns out grand" What would that do? Would it stop me from doing or having the interactions I did which resulted in where I am today. Most probably it would.

So how does theorising about time travel help. Well for one it gets your brain thinking, I know when I do get down, I feel as though I have gone into a similar situation as a broken computer of "safe mode" You are a hollow shell of a person. Also it gives your mind something else to think about rather than what may be depressing you. Now you do have to avoid the self pity, and "If I could turn back time" (I had Cher in my head then) scenario. Looking back should help the present. It should indeed help you feel good about where you are now. Things could be worse.

All of this sounds harsh, but hey I have been there, I have wallowed like the pig of unhappiness in my mud of misery. "Woe is me, oh no now I am muddy, and roll around in it some more" Break that cycle, get thinking about other things. Look forward to the future. Which indeed is my next subject, how just about any person who plans for the future is a time traveller as well, from gardening to DIY you all time travel to envision what you are going to do.

I know this is a ramble, and I would love to read your thoughts in the comments section. All my readers are time travellers as my last blog post informs you.. The future can be bright, and you can learn from the past.

Image result for time travel depression cartoon

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