Friday, 6 July 2018

Quantum Leap

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The method I use for this blog of looking back at the various time travel television programmes and films is quite random. It's not a start with the A's and work my way to Zed it's more like something crops up which fits in with a thought lets write about it.

That thought was triggered by a blog post I found God as a time traveller in which they asked if god would or could time travel? I guess first of all you have to get around the question. Is there a God? But hey how long do you want this blog post to be?

I would have thought if there is such a thing as a God, then that God would know everything. So if time travel were possible then they would be able to do it. No need to pontificate on the subject just a simple statement.

Now, in Quantum Leap (and I do have it on my bucket list to watch all 97 episodes in a Quantum Leap fest) you do have what I class as plausible time travel. Dr Sam Beckett jumps into the bodies of folks from the past, thus getting around all the molecules travelling through space and time theorems. His actions play along with the Grandfather Paradox idea. With the changes which happen are ones that need to be done and altar a future to what it needed to be, or as they know it to be.

In the Lee Harvey Oswald episode he only kills JFK not his wife as well, in the reality he jumps in to the wife dies as well but he doesn't kill her so this keeps the time line going as they know it to be as we all know it be in fact.

Now big spoiler alert. if you didn't already know, in the last episode he sees God to be told he can jump home when ever he wants but he can continue correcting the mistakes which have happened through out history.

Now that does beg the more a theological question of God, as they do no wrong, have they allowed these mistakes to happen? Normally this happens to teach a person a lesson, or are they fallible? They make mistakes and they are not as great as you think God to be.

Quantum Leap for me it is one of the top 5 time travel shows along with Sliders but can you really bring shows like these back or would you sully your memories of them, are they of an age?

As always your thoughts are welcome, feel free to comment.

Quantum_Leap wiki source to full information about the show

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  1. Quantum Leap is probably my favourite show of all time