Thursday, 21 June 2018

All my readers can have the experience of time travel

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It has just been good fortune rather than planning that I write this blog post on what is the summer solstice today. I am sure there has been the usual gathering of folks as there have been down through the ages to watch the sunrise on what will be the longest day of the year. People have written plenty about any significance they wish to put upon the day, the site and it's whole meaning. But one thing they all experience through the ages is being in touching distance of those stones, which have stood for thousands of years. Imagine all the people through the ages who have touched those stones, if each person left a message it would be like time travelling to that exact point they are at as they write their words for you to see in the future.

Which is the main premise of this post, sharing a singular thought. At this point I am sitting on my red dining chair. I am not one for office chairs, even though I sit in one all day for my job. I actually sit on this particular chair side saddle. the back rest is to my right hand side, no support given to my back. All those orthopaedics amongst you will be suggesting the bad backs I will get with having no proper support. But I do what is comfortable for me, and side saddle on a dining chair is my thing.

Before coming onto the computer I went through the morning routine. Making a coffee for my wife, and whilst waiting for the kettle to boil I looked out of the kitchen window, to see this one particular blackbird getting one of his five a day. I wouldn't mind but I had grown the strawberries for my wife, and here is this cheeky blackbird pecking away at the ripest of the strawberries available. If only they had more of an interest in the slugs who were feasting on the runner beans. "click" kettles ready, coffees made, take the coffee upstairs to my wife.

So you have an insight to where I am now, you know how I sit, you have an idea of the strawberry plants and runner beans outside. It's not in HD and you may well all have your own versions of the garden outside in your minds eye. But the dining chair can not be anything but red, as that is the colour I informed it to be, and the back is to my right hand side, as this is also information I have given you. That pesky bird is a "blackbird".

We have a connection, wherever you maybe, what ever time in the future you may be reading this. You will have those items in your head, and a vision of my environment at the moment. Is this time travel? Well in a way we have made that connection. If you leave a comment, I will in the future be able to see at that moment you read this post what you thought in response, maybe you would like to give an idea of the environment around you, so I and anyone else reading your comment can make that same link, putting context to your thoughts and visualising where you are.

Happy time travelling.

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