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Meet the Author Sherrie Brown : The Eternal Knot Series & The Dreams

Our latest meet the author has been quite a boost to my own confidence. I have only been doing this blog for less than a month presently. A lot of what Sherrie describes, I can really relate too. My own twang (dialect) can get in the way of my spelling and also how a set out and structure sentences. Practise as they say makes perfect though. Feel free to correct me, but don't disparage, as none of us are perfect. A very BIG THANK YOU to Sherrie Brown.

Also thank our other authors who have taken part find their articles here Meet the time travel authors


Podcast added which you can find at the bottom of this blog post, so don't just read from the author but listen to them as well...

Hello, I am author S. Brown and I thought I would let you know up front, my spelling is different from yours because I live in San Antonio, Texas in the United States. If I could write it with a Texas twang, I would. Even though I don't have one, but my husband does.
How? and Why? Did you get into writing?
In school, I hated to read or write. English, Spelling, and Reading were my worst subjects. In 2003, a friend gave me a historical romance to read. I enjoyed the book and started to read the rest of the series. It was as if a door was opened and I couldn’t find enough books to read. I finally enjoyed reading.
As my sons grew up, they had report papers to write and I was sad that I couldn’t help them. I struggled to help them write a two-page paper. I did realize that the more I read, the better I could spell and write.
After dealing with some health problems, I had more time to read. I found some free or discounted eBooks and began reading as much as possible. I came across my first ARC group and was ecstatic because I could read the authors' books before they were released and for free. This opened my eyes to so much more.
I was reading an eBook when I noticed a lot of errors. I emailed the author to let her know that someone missed almost a whole chapter in proofreading. Her manager answered my email explaining that she was just starting out and didn’t have money to hire an editor. This opened my eyes to the self-publishing world that I didn’t know existed. He offered me free books if I wanted to help him beta read and proofread. So, a friendship developed, even though I wasn’t good at proofreading.
He helped me develop many skills, which I am able to draw on now, as a writer. In January of 2017, he dared me to write a book. With my personality, a dare can be dangerous, but I figured I had nothing to lose. If the book didn't sell, no one needed to know, and I didn’t tell my family or friends. It was in Jane Austen fan fiction genre, so I took the dare. The book was met with mixed reviews but it sold. I recently had it re-edited, due to grammatical errors.
 When I wrote my second and third book, I dared to sneak a time traveler into the storyline. I never came out and told them where she was from, but if you pay attention, she is not from 1823 Regency England but from 2017 Texas. The series is titled The Dreams: and there are three books by Sherrie Brown.
That was the birth of my current book series - The Eternal Knot Series by S. Brown. I re-wrote the time travel story from her perspective in book two of this series titled, Raven: Time Travel.
What or whom inspired you?
When my first book sold, it took me by surprise. When I was eleven, a teacher told me I would never amount to anything without a dictionary tied around my neck, because I couldn't spell. I believed her and never tried to write. Realizing I could write a book opened the door to a huge world. Instead of just imaging worlds, I could write them down and explore more places. I have always been a fan of time travel, the idea inspires and excites me. So these books are a way for me to write about different time periods with a purpose, as my characters' search for their soulmates.
Which of the books you have done is your favourite?
Each book I write becomes my favorite. Out of the books released my favorite would be the last one Samantha: Time Travel. She travels to 800 AD Viking Time in what is now Norway. She has to decide if she will compromise her values for a soulmate. She must figure out what to do when she finds out her soulmate is already married and has been since he was 12 years old. She must decide between becoming a second wife, mistress, or a warrior.
What are my time travel books about?
The series is clean (no sex or strong language) and written as stand-alone books so that you can start with any book or skip a book if you are not interested in the time period the traveler is in.
In The Eternal Knot Series, nine women are prophesied to save the world, each in a different way. There were nine necklaces created by holy men of old who wanted to make it easier for people to find their soulmates. However, these necklaces allow the wearer to transport to the time period of their soulmate. For the convenience of writing and so I don't have to translate their language the necklace also works as a translator.  
Then finally, what are your thoughts on time travel?
As I said before, time travel fascinates me. I think it may be possible in the future. However, I don't think society could handle the consequences. If it's possible now, I don't think it's safe for the general public to know, because there is too much greed in the world. I believe that if someone goes back in time, they can change the past and therefore change the future, It is something that each of the main characters must deal with in the books. Will their actions change the future for good or cause horrible damage?
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